From the reviews ...

"It gives me such a thrill to hear professional voice actor Veronica James read my words aloud. She really knows how to make my mystery novels come to life."

--Author Pamela Beason

"Veronica James immediately impressed me with her professionalism and can-do attitude. Her interpretive skills demonstrate her vast experience as a performer."

-Paul Fowlie, Executive Producer, Common Mode, Inc.

"Veronica James is a consummate professional who prepared for the role with meticulous attention to detail. Her 'possessed woman' was real enough to raise the hairs on the backs of our heads! A truly memorable performance."

-Dionne McCulloch, Rachael Leiserson, & Georgia Manukas, Engel Entertainment, on Veronica's performance in "Exorcism" for The History Channel

"Veronica James acted in my NYU grad short, "Loobey's Cocoon." She is a fine actress who was very well prepared and committed to the role. Her contribution added hugely to the movie. I highly recommend her!"

-Neil Orman, Writer/Director/Actor, NYU

"Veronica's voice has a whimsical characteristic that brings life to any script."

-Studio Center production company listing

"Veronica did a wonderful job for me, and my client, in a live Patient Simulation recently. Her conscientiousness and commitment were unsurpassed."

- J. Quartarone, SIMULATIONS, Inc

"Veronica James was radiant...she stole the show!"

-Joe Franklin, legendary NYC talk show host, on Veronica's performance in the Pilates Musical, NYC

"Veronica adds credibility, authenticity and energy to every role she plays and scene she's in".

-Marie Grillo, writer & director, "Pilates the Musical."

"There were several actresses who auditioned for the part of Aunt Anne but only Veronica got the essence, i.e. the joke. She is a natural comedic actress."

-Larry Shaw, Writer/Director, comedy feature "Shoe Store Romeo"

"It is lovely to hear The Bard performed with such ease..."

-Celeste Holm, Academy-Award Winner
on Veronica's rendition of Sonnet 116, "The Best Actresses"

"The overwhelming response is you really did an excellent job and your classroom scene steals the show. Great job."

- Rob Tagliareni, Director, "Obsolete"

"To me the sign of a really good actor is how they can grow in a part. I've seen [her] add layers and layers each time [she's] done this. I really appreciate [her] great talent, hard work and professional attitude. It's a rare treat to find all three!"

-Will Kort, Playwright/Director, "The Good Child" (Lead Role)

"...amazing work on the production. [Her] wonderful performance became the highlight of the piece!"

-A. Jane Johnston, Writer/Director, "Now It Can Be Told"

"Veronica James really got into the part of Xaviera. The end result is all that matters to me....just as long as you give a good performance, and Veronica certainly did that."

-Joseph Parda, Writer/Director, "Five Dead on the Crimson Canvas" (Supporting Role)

"The supporting cast was effective. Veronica James and Dan Snow were not only at their best but enunciated so clearly they were understood at all times."

-Houston Brummit, reviewing "Truth" (Permiere production of this play by Muriel Maida) with Salt & Pepper Mime

"[She did] such a tremendous job acting in our reading of "Story of a Mother.... such a good job as Kate Crawford."

-Mellicent Dyane, Dyane Foster Casting (Indep. CD) (Lead Role)

"Conveying a truly poignant and magnetic performance, Veronica James makes Xaviera into one of the highlights of the entire film."

-Joseph Zaso, Producer, "Five Dead on the Crimson Canvas" (see above)