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Veronica played a Lead role in the upcoming Untitled Roseanne Barr project for Discovery ID TV, directed by Jason Fisher, and produced by Sharp Entertainment.

Veronica was featured reading old classics at an event sponsored by the New York Sheet Music Society - click here to read a recent newsletter article about it.

Veronica just recorded several audiobook excerpts for author Pamela Beason from her Summer Weston Mystery Series:

"Calling All Crows"

Veronica appears in this music video by State Radio, from their album "Let It Go", as also featured on Huffington Post

Returning to her roots, Veronica annually revisits her college radio station, WPSC-FM, at William Patterson University, to participate in Alumni Week and Homecoming, where her shows are very well-received.

Watch a brief video excerpt:

Pictured: (right to left):

Tom Nunziata, former Program Director, Veronica (former Music Director), and former News Director George Koodray

Veronica plays a supporting role in the upcoming Mightyhouse Productions short film, "Obsolete," based on a Chuck Palahniuk short story, directed by Rob Tagliareni. Veronica was recently featured in a Skincare photo shoot for HSN.
Veronica was a winning player, submitting questions on the game show, "Trivial Pursuit, America Plays"

Veronica plays the Newscaster in the post-apocalyptic NYU radio drama "DMZ," based on the comic book by Brian Woods - download audio clip here

Veronica also voiced supporting roles for "Sundays at Tiffany's," an animated feature with The Sims.



Veronica is involved in the upcoming action feature, "Jobert's Painting," directed by Derrick Judge Early for Ironclad Filmworks.

On April 2008, Veronica was featured in a segment on ABC's 20/20 with John Stossel, examining Kinoki footpads. Read the accompanying article from the segment on ABC's website, "Ridding Yourself of Toxins, or Money?"

Veronica appears in "The Lobotomist," a documentary for "The American Experience," produced by Ark Media for WGBH, aired January 2008 on Channel 13 (WNET) in New York and other PBS stations. She plays Alice Hammett, recipient of the first lobotomy performed by Walter Freeman.

(Photo from shoot at ArkMedia offices)

Veronica appears alongside Jerry Seinfeld in an editorial spread for TIME Magazine's Oct. 8, 2007 issue, "Jerry Goes Back to Work", (see inset, left, click image for full picture) - her second appearance in national print publications in four months.

Veronica played the lead role in a scene for the movie "Exorcism: Driving Out the Devil", produced by Engel Entertainment, which premiered on The History Channel in October 2006, with subsequent airings. The film includes Veronica in a dramatic reenactment of the true experiences of Pat Reading, a Connecticut woman who endured 15 exorcisms in the 1980s and 1990s.

Click here to see stills from the show, here to watch a 5-minute excerpt, or purchase the DVD from the History Channel.

Veronica plays a supporting role in "Shoe Store Romeo," (above) a romantic comedy feature film with Joe Franklin, which had its premiere screening in 2006 in New York City.

Veronica gave an in-depth interview for the upcoming documentary, "Something to Cry About" (WT), from Telescopic Films.

Watch for Veronica in a TV commercial testimonial for Projuva Skincare.
Veronica performed a successful Patient Simulation with Simulations, Inc. for Novartis Oncology in Orlando, Florida in January 2007.

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