About Veronica James

Having acted professionally since 1992, with 15 years of study under her belt, Veronica James has acquired an impressive array of creative skills and experience. Her intelligence, sensitivity, and insight allow her to bring a fresh perspective to bear on every new project, and her petite size allows for various transformations when needed! No matter what the role, she remains highly in demand for her unique interpretations and consummate professionalism.

Creativity has played a large role throughout Veronica's life from early on. Before even entering school, she began oil painting and working on classical dance with her mother, Vera Links (pictured below), based on the work of Isadora Duncan.

This background helped serve as a strong creative foundation for her later work with the acting techniques of Michael Chekhov, and in British classical training. Veronica also enjoys doing white-face mime (above right), and often works with Scottie Davis and the Salt and Pepper Mime Theatre New York, doing story theatre and community outreach performances.

During her college years, Veronica worked as a radio DJ, playing rock and alternative music, and was Music Director for both her college radio station, WPSC-AM (where she annually returns to guest host as part of the station's Alumni Week and Homecoming), and also for WAVP-FM.

She has a rock and roll sensibilty that has infused her theatrical work over the years. She opted to major in broadcast communications, with an emphasis on the performing aspects of broadcasting. She subsequently completed a three-year professional theatre apprenticeship in costuming and sound recording, before receiving her coveted Actors' Equity card.

She was an exchange student at Brighton University in the UK, where she completed a media production internship. While at Brighton, she took classes in experimental theatre, mask-making, and costume history, and also produced an educational media project and various multimedia theatre works. She has lived in the UK for several years, and performed Shakespearean roles in London.
Fusing her love for the Spoken Word and background in Audio with her acting artistry, she now focuses on the growing medium of Audiobooks. She recently recorded selected excerpts for mystery writer Pamela Beason.

In her spare time, she enjoys gourmet cooking, swimming, working out, vintage clothing, and cats. Thanks very much for visiting!